Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Objective of this Project

Objective of this Project:
The main motive of this project is to motivate others Young Tech Savvy Women to follow your pathways. And get a survey of products Today’s  Savvy Business Woman use.

Why to participate?
The winner will honored with the following awards:
1.    AeroSoft Business Woman Achiever Awards
2.    AeroSoft Business Woman of the Year Award

When to avail award?
The winner will be announced in the  next annual General Meet [ AGM ] AeroSoft Business Woman Awards for Women in Business.

How to participate?
  • Request an entry kit for the 2011 awards-It will sent to you by e-mail.
  • Review the entry kit and write your entries.
  • Submit your entries before the due date.

Important Information:

a.) Entries for the 2011 awards is  open now

b.) Please make sure that your email filters are set up to accept email from AeroSoft Business Woman awards.  Note that we have a very strict privacy policy.

c.) To submit entries for the 2011 awards you should first request an Entry Kit.  The kit will be sent to by email right away

d.) There are more than 10 categories to choose from. Eligible entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations may submit any number of entries to any of the categories.

How to submit entries?
There are two ways to submit your entries:
  • Only Online
  • By Post Office Mail

Why we are honoring the deserving women?
Today, women are competing in a complex environment encompassing technology, supply chains, skilled workers, accounting standards, competitors, and probably more than a handful of regulators and tax authorities and we do not want to take this opportunity to salute this spirit of women.

Our Commitment:
Our commitment is to showcase the work done by corporate, government and individual men and women and their commitment to gender empowerment to reward and celebrate public and private sector achievers in gender empowerment. It aims to develop women entrepreneurs through the provisions of relevant business information and assist women in government and business in achieving their career goals through the provision of networking opportunities; information and marketing exposure.

Our Belief:
There is no better project through which to showcase your female capital assets and your institutional transformation than Top Women in Business and Government.

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